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Kindly note: You can only start tracking the product once the order has been dispatched.

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  • What is the mode of payment?

We are offering Cash on delivery as a mode of payment for eliminating the dependency on credit and debit cards so that your sensitive data is not stored in any of the third-party systems. 

  • How can I verify that you have received my order?

You will be quickly directed towards a page that contains your order confirmation number after you have placed an order. And this same confirmation number will be emailed to you within a few minutes after placing the order. Furthermore, after receiving your orders in our warehouse, you will receive a secondary email that confirms that the product has been dispatched. 

  • Can you deliver my product to an alternate address? 

Before delivering the product, our customer care executive will contact you to confirm the address, and you can update him regarding the new delivery address. 

  • What to do if I received a wrong or faulty product?

The chances of getting the wrong item are extremely rare, and in case such a scenario happens, kindly message us regarding the issue and send the order number and other details.

  • Why am I unable to find a lingerie outfit you have advertised?

Oops! All our products quickly sell out, which is the reason why you are unable to find them. But do not worry, as we quickly update our stock with the trendiest collections that are globally popular.

  • Is there a size guide? 

 Our exotic lingerie outfits are available for women in all shapes and sizes. Moreover,  we provide a size guide to all the lingerie outfits in our collection. You can find them just beside the product description.