A Complete Guide to Suspender/Garters Belts

Garters Belts

A Complete Guide to Suspender/Garters Belts

One of the most seductive accessories a woman may have in her personal wardrobe are suspenders or garters belts from Lingerie UAE. Even if your understanding of garters is limited, don’t worry! We are here to provide you with all the information you require regarding garter belts.

You will be empowered with several valuable practical insights from the greatest styling advice, instructions on how to wear them on, and yes, even guidance on what to do in case of restroom crises ! So fret not as all of the solutions to your suspender belt concerns will be answered right here by the experts from Lingerie UAE!

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So what are Suspender Belts and Garter Belts?

Suspender/garter belts are clothing outfits made to keep stockings in place! In British English, “suspender belt” is more typically used, while “garter belt” is more commonly used in American English. Although they are classified in different names, both the terms refer to the same thing.

What is Their Relevance to Stockings?

Garters Belts

  • Suspender/garter beltsStockings have everything to do with stockings and as already mentioned, stockings cover the leg and need a garter belt to keep them in place.


  • Typically 4 or more  retractable metal straps that are attached to the stockings by specially crafted clips form a garter belt.


  • All the  suspenders in our lineup include corresponding lingerie sets to make a full 3-piece outfit, whether they are made of silk, lace or mesh. While we’re on the topic of 3-piece outfits, how about a 4-piece ensemble from lingerie UAE? Well, check out this 4-Piece White Net Lingerie Set!

How Do I Wear a Suspender/Garter Belt?

  • Put your stockings on after securing the garter belt or suspender belt around your waist with the hook fastener at the rear.
  • Given the fragility of nylons(common material for stockings), we advise pulling the entire stocking up on your hand before slipping your toes inside and carefully unwinding it up your leg.
  • When wearing stockings with rear seams, make sure you’re maintaining a straight line by standing in front of a mirror.
  • When wearing stockings with rear seams, make sure you’re maintaining a straight line by standing in front of a mirror. 
  • The most important thing to remember is to avoid having any spiky items or abrasive fingernails when getting dressed. You can even use special gloves to prevent snagging your stockings.
  • Now lengthen the straps of your garter belt until they are the proper size, then hook them onto the tops of the stockings by inserting the tiny rubber buckle into the metal clip with the stocking’s fabric positioned somewhere between.
  • All done! You can be sure that our premium suspender belts from Lingerie Abu Dhabi will hold your stockings firmly in place as you enjoy some classic glitz beneath your outfit .

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What Should I Do in Case of Bathroom Emergency?

Some people love the visual impression of wearing their panties with the straps on top, while others find that doing so pinches the straps into their delicate skin. But it is always efficient to wear your garter belt from Lingerie Dubai over your panties for overall convincience. When you need to use the restroom, you may simply unclip the back hook and eye and quickly re-hook it after your needs.

Where can I buy them Online?

Garters Belts

The finest stockings and garter belts are offered by a variety of companies, and following are some fantastic online stores in the UAE:

  • Sexy Lingerie Dubai
  • Lingerie UAE
  • Lingerie Abu Dhabi
  • Lingerie Dubai


Regardless of  a special event, anyone can wear garters at any time. So are you eager to start discovering more about garter belts and own your very own pair? Clearly, you are! The ideal combination can be found by browsing our collection of unique suspenders from Lingerie UAE. Also, feel free to contact us if you have any queries that we haven’t answered here, or visit our website to fully explore a plethora of premium garter belts and stockings.

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