Gifting Your Partner With Exotic Lingerie For Special Occasions

Lingerie for Special Occasions

Gifting Your Partner With Exotic Lingerie For Special Occasions

Gifts from your loved ones are always a form of love and appreciation. Moreover, gifting an exotic pair of intimate garments from Lingerie UAE is by far one of the best things which will be greatly appreciated and surprise your partner or best friend! An enticing pair of beautiful lingerie would be an excellent birthday, date night, wedding, or anniversary gift for your sweetheart. Choosing the proper underwear for a particular event may be a difficult task, so it’s always easier said than done. The recipient’s comfort and confidence should be enhanced by the size, color, style, design, and material.

Don’t be concerned as Lingerie Dubai is ready to assist you in your search for the perfect lingerie set to gift your special someone. We’ll also provide you with several helpful hints that  will undoubtedly  help you make the best selection possible.


When it comes to choosing lingerie, one of the most perplexing aspects is the size. The perplexity increases even greater when you are purchasing a gift and are ignorant of the size of the lingerie she wears. To be honest, going through your best friend’s or beloved’s closet and checking the sizes of the lingerie she wears is a hassle free job. Verify the dimensions by comparing them to different variants of lingerie she wears to get a sense of the varied sizes she prefers. 

If you’re still stumped, we’ve included a size chart that you may use to match the outfit/lingerie which she owns. Even if you are a first-timer, determining the sizes is simple because we have sizes ranging from XS to XXL specified. In both UK and US sizes, the dimensions are supplied. 

When buying the most ideal lingerie in Dubai, the right size is crucial since it may either improve or detract from her overall appearance. 


After determining the right size, the next difficult aspect of buying an exotic lingerie  is determining their style. The underwear’s style should be determined by a number of factors, including the occasion for which it is being given, the recipient’s body frame/size/dimensions, and the kind of lingerie that she enjoys wearing the best. 

The Fabulous Five:

When shopping online for lingerie, consider the five body types: round, triangular, hourglass, inverted triangle, and rectangle. Each of these body shapes has its own set of seductive lingerie variants that perfectly complements them. Let’s have a look at some intimate lingerie variants that are appropriate for each body type: 

  • Round: Women with round frames will look stunning in lingerie dresses, negligees, and chemises. These costumes provide the bust a lot of support and hide the waistlines. They immensely  add to a woman’s beauty and elegance.
  • Triangle: Bustiers and negligees are the best lingerie choices for ladies with triangle body shapes who want to show off their gorgeous hips and bosoms. 
  • Hourglass: For women with hourglass bodies, sexy teddies, lace bras, garter belts, and corsets may be game changers. They have a body type that is perfect for every lingerie ensemble.
  • Inverted triangle: For ladies with inverted triangular frames, bralettes, camisoles, or teddies might be a great way to accentuate their impressive figure.
  • Rectangular: For ladies with rectangular body forms, garter belts, corsets, bustiers, and teddies are attractive options. Since women with these body types are more likely to be of athletic body shapes, the lingerie clothes indicated above can enhance their natural attractiveness.

Once you are aware of your friend’s or loved one’s body shape, you may sort out the styles you don’t want and narrow down your preferred choices.

In order to avoid unnecessary stress and confusion, it is also preferable to purchase the lingerie with her as she may pick the lingerie sets that suit her taste and are comfortable for her to wear.


Lingerie On Special Occasions

Recall the times she stated her favourite colour to you, or look through her closet and get a lingerie set that matches her taste. If you want to get something unusual, go with black, pink, or crimson.

If you’re shopping for something to gift her for her wedding day, white or ivory is the best option. Intricate flower arrangements and high-quality materials should be used to produce them.

Another option for giving a lingerie set to a friend or partner for a date night or wedding anniversary is to choose black or pink. For such times, sultry black net or lacy lingerie ensembles may be breathtaking.


Don’t worry if you’re still stumped when it comes to finding the right lingerie in the UAE; along with Lingerie UAE, you can also check out Lingerie Dubai to help you out with an outstanding array of options to give your closest friend or spouse. All around the emirates, our designs, styles, sizes, patterns, and fabrics are well-known and appreciated for their stunning designs, quality and attractive price points . Our online platform provides some of the greatest lingerie in Dubai, and we’ve often delighted consumers with an excellent selection of lingerie that is completely new to them in many aspects.


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